Problem set 10

Complete this task individually or in teams of up to three students.

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Read the chocolate example from Meier (2022) and some of the examples from the course notes.

Elliott et al. (2021) attempt to replicate a study of Flavell et al. (1966) and study unprompted verbalization by children aged 5 to 10 in an experiment. Data MULTI21_D2 from package hecedsm contains the data, including unique participant id, lab, age group (either 5, 6, 7 or 10 year old), different timing for the recall task (either point-and-name, which is always last, delayed recall with 15 seconds after presenting the last image, or immediate response). You can also download the SPSS database via this link.

  1. Using Oehlert (2000) approach
    1. Identify sources of variation
    2. Identify whether factors are crossed or nested
    3. Determine whether factors should be fixed or random
    4. Figure out which interactions can exist and whether they can be fitted.
  2. Fit a linear mixed model with task timing and age categories, accounting for lab and individual-specific variability. Report the conclusions of the two-way analysis of variance:
    1. are there difference between recall task?
    2. is the increase between 5 and 7 years the same as from 7 to 10?
  3. Report estimated marginal means across age groups (separately for each timing if there is an interaction), with standard errors.
  4. Produce an interaction plot for mean memory span to mimic Figure 4 of Elliot.
  5. Report the lab-specific variability and comment on regional differences, if any.
  6. Compute the correlation of measurements for different individuals in a given lab


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Flavell, J. H., Beach, D. R., & Chinsky, J. M. (1966). Spontaneous verbal rehearsal in a memory task as a function of age. Child Development, 37(2), 283–299.
Meier, L. (2022). ANOVA and mixed models: A short introduction using R (Chapman & Hall/CRC, Eds.).
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